8 Muskie- 5 Days

The Doran family boys Paul, Alex and Kevin have been slaying the muskie! In the past 5 days they have caught 8 Muskie, have seen many more and still have a week left!

The biggest so far has been a 49″ personal best for Paul, he also managed to land 4 more during the trip: 48.5″ being the next biggest. Then a 44″ by Alex, also a personal best, and a 42″ caught by Kevin. They have also caught a 42″, 39″, 35″ and a 25″.

The 48.5″ put up quite a fight, jumping completely out of the water- every fishermen jealous out there? Also don’t forget to finish off  your cast with a figure 8. Alex caught his 44″ Muskie figure eighting.

Phantoms and cowgirls seem to be the hot lures. Paul says they are working lots of water; hitting a spot trying to “find the hot fish,” then moving on if the muskie isn’t biting- but coming back later so see if hitting then.

photo 1

photo 2photo 3









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