Main Lodge 

AT THE Manitou Weather Station

The Home Base of your Experience 

The Main Lodge

The main lodge is warm and cozy and was constructed in a traditional frontier-style.  Large pine logs have been skilfully saddle-notched together so the beauty of the logs is visible both inside and outside of the lodge. The beauty and timelessness of the lodge help create an ambiance that reminds you just how deep into the Ontario wilderness you really are.

The lodge boasts a spectacular 2 story stone fireplace – and a fire is always going when you need one. The rustic, homey design lets you capture the experience of going back in time to when life was simpler. The main floor area allows us to comfortably host up to 25 American Plan guests for the delicious home cooked meals that come out of our kitchen. All the furniture is handmade in pine.

The connected kitchen area is separated by an island that always has welcoming treats – from the fresh morning coffees and teas to the warm homemade baking, which includes homemade bread and always fresh cookies!

Guests gather in the main lodge to share the days fishing tales and your hosts can share some of the history and legends of the Manitou.

At the Weather Station we strive be be as ecologically friendly as possible. The camp is run primarily on solar power and cabins are equipped with flushable compost toilets. Recycling bins are readily available around camp. We work to recycle and compost as much as possible at camp as we work towards waste reduction.  When packing, keep in mind that cans are preferred over glass beverage containers, for their ease of recycling.

Cookies for dinner at our Ontario fishing lodge

Cookies & Coffee

We have been setting records for the number of cookies we bake fresh and set out daily for all to enjoy. Warm and scrumptious!  Particularly appreciated by the kids, as well as the kid within us all.


All American Plan meals – breakfast and dinner – are served in the main lodge dining area.  You’ll enjoy hearty meals every day among lodge friends with lively, informative discussion. 

Tackle & Maps

The main lodge is the hub for all your fishing information and needs.  This is where you can get the scoop on the day’s hot spots, discover new spots, and grab a few more of those secret lures.

Wifi & TV

We’re remote, but we’re also connected!  Come to the main lodge to share your fishing photos, catch up on news and emails, or chat with your buddies who aren’t as lucky as you.

Relax & Hang Out

From the cozy fireplace, recliners, games and relics to the big deck and patio table, to the fire pit to the back lawn, this is the place you will find yourself gravitating towards during your stay.

Warm & Cozy

Every morning at 7am we serve a hot, hearty breakfast to get you through your day.  Coffee is set out even earlier, and is available all day.  Even though cookies for breakfast may not be your norm, they’ll be there just in case you need them.

The main lodge is a warm, and welcoming space that serves as the home base for all your activities.  We continually have map sessions with guests and guides to help you plan your day, if you’re embarking on your own trip.  We have a tackle room full of all the things you need for success out on the lake for all species.

For lazy evenings or rainy days, we have many board games to play, relics and fish mounts to peruse, and satellite radio for your ears. The recliners with their view out over the front dock are a perfect place to sit back and read a book, and take a nap.

Dinners are served in our large indoor dining area that seats 25 people. Our meals are diverse and hearty, complete with delicious desserts to finish. Dinner time is a perfect time to refuel your body and share your fishing stories from the day.

Our deck and large patio table is a common gathering place for pre- and post-dinner conversation and drinks.  The grassy back lawn is a perfect spot for lawn games.  And once the sun goes down, the fire pit near the main dock is a perfect place for spinning yarns, cooking s’mores, and even strumming a tune (or listening to someone who can!)

Also if the need arises, the main lodge has internet connection via wifi and satellite.  So grab your phone, share your photos, and brag to your friends.

When you’re ready, the main dock is right out front to get out fishing, paddle a kayak or paddle board, or sit on a bench and take in the breathtaking views.

Food, Snacks, Coffee

All breakfast and dinner meals are served in the dining area of the main lodge, with the exception of special evenings when we have fish, fries, or steaks out on the back deck, weather permitting.

Breakfast is typically served at 7:00am to get you out on the water in good time to get your day started.  Breakfasts range from eggs, hash-browns and bacon to pancakes and sausage, quiche and yogurt, and a hearty variety of similar options. With a big Manitou Weather Station breakfast, you won’t get hungry anytime soon after!

Dinners are served in the evening in coordination with the timing of fishing trips, typically around 6:30 pm. You will have plenty of time to return from your day on the water to clean up and rest while we get food ready for you.  When the dinner bell rings, which can be heard throughout the main camp, you will know to walk on over.  We have a wide range of dinners that we prepare and serve, typically buffet or family style.  Dinners range from local steak or whole chicken, tender slow roasted ribs, bacon wrapped tenderloins, smoked roasts, or enchiladas all served with a variety of delicious sided, including local wild rice. They are big, and served hot out of the kitchen.  Dinners and breakfasts are enjoyed in our large dining area, on big hand-crafted log tables.

Filtered water, orange juice, milk, and coffee are common staples with our meals.  If you prefer to bring your own beverages we encourage you to do so. Coffee is put out before breakfast and is available hot most of the day for your enjoyment.

Now for the sweet tooths: specially crafted desserts are served after every dinner, so save some room!  As you’ve likely already heard, we bake warm cookie batches every day, so the cookie jar is never empty – and available all day.

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