Adventure & Relaxation 

At The Manitou Weather Station

Beyond Fishing & Hunting

Ontario Adventure & Relaxation

The Lower Manitou Lake and the Manitou Weather Station present the perfect destination for you to relax, get away from it all, and let go.  It is also the perfect place for you to explore and make memories of a lifetime.

Grab a boat, go for a swim, or sit and gaze at the amazing scenery – do what you like – you are in control. 

During the day go and explore a new part of the lake, or hide away in your private cabin.  Join other guests in the main lodge for pre-dinner conversation or take a walk through the woods.  Soak in the hot tub while listening to the loons, or take a boat and explore the islands and bays surrounding camp.

In the evening cook s’mores around a fire pit or enjoy cocktails at the main lodge deck with friends.  Sit out on the sauna deck and star gaze, or rest in your private screened porch and listen to the waves of the Manitou lap the shores.

This is your vacation.  It is yours to enjoy.

Kayak boating and fishing at our Ontario Camp


Paddle one of our kayaks, or paddle boards to a remote island, “peddle” our paddleboat around the bays, go for a sunset cruise in our pontoon boat, or zoom out for a sightseeing tour in one of our fishing boats in search for waterfalls, portage lakes, loons and bald eagles.

Gold Mines & Excursions

The Lower Manitou Lake is steeped in gold mining history. In fact, we have a gold mine right here on the property.  We can recommend a few excursions that will bring you face to face with history, wildlife,  natural features, and some local legends.

Swimming, Jumping & Snorkeling

In summer, nothing beats our refreshing waters.  Jumping off our “jumping dock”, leaping off nearby cliffs, soaking in the hot tub, snorkeling and swimming off our shoreline are great ways to cool off.

Shore Lunch Potatoes and fish over bonfire

Shore Lunches

Most days we gather for shore lunch at one of several spots we have across the lake.  Whether you are fishing or not, shore lunches are an option to enjoy delisious fresh-caught fish with our guides and other anglers.


Not up for fishing, hunting, or exploring? This is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax.  No need to have an agenda.  Simply sit back and enjoy, read a book, play a game, enjoy a beverage, or do whatever your heart pleases.

Explore & Discover

The Lower Manitou offers tremendous fishing, so if you enjoy the pursuit of big fish you already know this is the place for you.  However, if you would like to find other things to do, we’ve got you covered!

Excursions to islands, waterfalls, and historic gold mines dot the area geography.  We can guide you on adventures to find these natural and hidden gems.

If you enjoy exploring the depths of clear water, we have freshwater snorkeling to feed your desires.  Relics can be found just off the main camp as well as other areas on the Lower Manitou.  A once thriving gold mining community, the area provides a plethora of opportunity.  We have several historic items in the main lodge that were found right here near camp.

We have access to several portage lakes throughout the area that provide unique explorations.  All are accessible by boat, a short to medium hike, and at most we have boats ready for you to jump in and cruise some of the most remote wilderness and explore unsuspecting wildlife.

Want to explore some of the local history?  We can tell you stories and point you to places where you can find pieces of the past still in place today.  A local legend’s mailbox? Check.  Native rock art?  Check.  Gold mine operations?  Check.

Kick Back, Unwind & Enjoy

Here at the Manitou Weather Station you can simply relax.

The wood-fired hot tub and sauna are located steps from the main lodge. Steps from there is our jumping dock with stairs ascending right from the water.  No matter how chilly the lake water, you can jump in and quickly warm back up in the hot tub.

Each cabin has its own comfortable furniture for you to sit back and enjoy the day, plus each has its own spacious and refreshing screened porch with views of the lake.  If you want to stay at your cabin all day you can! You will not be disturbed and you have most everything you need right in your own space.

The main lodge and its cathedral ceiling, giant fireplace, and recliners is a great place to get a little R&R among friends.

With no set schedules besides the breakfasts and dinners (and fishing trips!), you are free to go about your vacation the way you’d like to.  Play some board games, some lawn games, or sit over a puzzle for hours.  Read a book or two or three.  Go for a walk along our trail system.  Sit back and listen to the loons, or go bird watching and enjoy the local wildlife.

You can sleep in and cook your own breakfast in your own cabin or join us for our scrumptious morning feast.  Make your own picnic or meet up with our fishermen and guides for a shore lunch.  Take a nap in the afternoon to the breezes coming off the lake and come in for a big dinner, or stir up your own meal in the confines of your private cabin.

Grab some cookies from the lodge and enjoy them with coffee out on the main dock bench.  Rest in a chair on our boardwalk to the Tipperary Cabin and stare out at the main lake and islands. Go float in a boat and let time go by. However you want your time at the Manitou to go, so it goes.

Hot Tub & Sauna

Even if you’ve done nothing but relax all day, nothing beats relaxing even further in our spa area.  The sauna and hot tub are steps from the main lodge. We have towels for you at the wash-house so you don’t need to bring anything but a suit.

The sauna and hot tub are at their best when you’ve been out fishing, exploring all day, or a cold front moves through and chills the air a bit.  Even in the hot summer sun, the lake retains a nice crisp coolness to it, so you can jump off our dock, go for a swim, cool yourself down and then walk up the stairs to the hot tub to warm up.  Then hit the  sauna for a little more warming of the soul, and then do it again.

Finished getting wet?  Dry off in the sauna, and then sit and relax in the Adirondack chairs on the sauna deck, looking southeast out over the massive Lower Manitou main lake.  Listen to the loons and watch the glassy water ease down for the night.  It is a wonderful way to wrap up an adventurous day.

At night grab our telescope located in the sauna area and gaze at the stars.

Shore Lunches

No trip to Canada is complete without an unforgettable shore lunch. Your catch from the morning will be prepared to perfection by our guides who over the years have perfected their shore lunch craft. The crispy fresh fish, fried potatoes, beans, corn and fresh homemade bread are world-class!

If you prefer to fish by yourself without a guide and still want to do a shore lunch, no problem! We can provide you a shore lunch box for you to take out and cook your own delicious meal.

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