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Trophy Sized Walleye in the Lower Manitou Lake

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Walleye Fishing Manitou Lake

Lower Manitou is one of the best fishing lakes in Northwestern Ontario, but not typically known for its walleye fishing. In the last few years however, the walleye population has grown and they have started to create quite a buzz on the lake. Certain times of year are better than others; June and September seem to be the best. Fish range in size up to trophy size 25-33”. In can sometimes be hard to get one small enough to eat. If you want to catch walleye during your stay, ask one of our fishing guides to put you on some, or rent one of our fishing boats. You will be impressed with the size and quality of these golden beauties.

Our guests also have the opportunity to take day-long fly-outs to remote walleye lakes that surround Lower Manitou Lake. These lakes are remote and extremely difficult to reach on foot or by ATV so realistically we can say they are only accessible by air and have next to zero fishing pressure. As a result, the fishing is unbelievable and bursting with walleyes of every size – good eating sizes right up to trophies. In one day you can catch a week’s worth of walleye, which will make your stay with us more than complete. There are also locations on these lakes that are perfect to make a fresh walleye shore lunch. Generally, the walleye fishing is so good in these lakes that you will not want to miss a minute of fishing so we suggest bringing a packed lunch.

These walleye fly-out lakes are known especially for their size and numbers. Due to water-flow, depth and size, they perform differently throughout the season. Our suggested fly-out lake will change with the seasons to maximize your success. Let us know and we will arrange to get you to the best lake for the time of year.

You will have the fishing quality of a remote outpost camp with the comfort in knowing that you will be flown back to the main lodge and enjoy the comfort of our luxurious cottages. Flying rates will fluctuate based on the lake that is hot! Weather is also a factor. For your safety, the pilot has final say in all matters of the flight.

Walleye Fishing Tips

How to Catch Walleye:

We aren’t known as a walleye lake but certain parts of the lake do hold some true trophies.  Guests are always amazed by the strength and size of the fish. You won’t catch numbers but you will catch trophies. We recommend catch and release Walleye fishing on Manitou.   

Typically the best approach is Lindy rigs, drop shots or just good old jigs.  Minnows, worms and leeches all work.  Early in the season leeches and worms are good. Minnows get better later in the year.  

May and June the fish are down spawning and heading out to deeper water.  You can catch them on the points, reefs or weed-beds in 8-15 feet of water.  

As the year progresses they start to move deeper. By the end of August they are in 20-25 feet.

See Jay Siemens’ great video which includes a lot of Walleye fishing and information on how to do it at the Manitou!

Guest Receives Ontario Angler Award for Walleye

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Recently, Diane my lucky fishing wife recieved a certificate from the Ontario Angler Awards run by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. It celebrates her Walleye catch and release . The fish was caught on July 6, 2011 .Measured 25.5 inches/ 62cm. about 6.5 pounds/2.5 kilos. This fish was caught within sight of Watson Falls, we were guided by Captain Kris Esselink.

Charles Weiss

 Top WALLEYE Lures

  • X Raps (white, black/silver, perch)
  • Twister Tails (cotton candy, white, orange/black, silver/black)
  • Spinner Baits
  • Tube Jigs
  • Mepps #3 -#5 (silver or gold blade)
  • Jig and Leech – always work, great for young kids

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