Bass are Biting!

image (5)Here is our biggest Bass this year and on the Leader Board; Paul C with his 20″ Bass!

Bass have been biting really well lately. They are starting to spawn all over the lake and our guide Dennis has got them all dialed in.  He and his guests Lee and Ray caught around 100 bass in one day. Many of them 17″ to 19″!

They Muskie are a little behind from last year, just finishing their spawning and can still be found in the shallows.  47″ and 45″ are the biggest so far.  Mepps#5, phantoms,  small jigs are best

Pike are really moving into the weeds, which are really starting to grow with the warm weather we are having.  Not thick yet, but if you know where the weeds are you can find the pike;  and of nice size.  Plenty in the 30″ range.  Spinners, rattle trap, and mepps #5

Trout are still biting shallow, 20 to 50′ range. The crew here last week were averaging around 20 trout a day.  Long lining and down rigging was working well with Spoons and Raps.

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