Fishing at MWS

2850f3c3863b660.jpgLower Manitou Lake is famous for Muskie fishing, Lake Trout fishing, Northern Pike fishing, Smallmouth Bass fishing and Largemouth Bass fishing. Muskie are plentiful with monsters that can reach over 50 inches. Lower Manitou Lake is one of 10 lakes in Ontario where biologist feel the next World Record Muskie could be caught.

The lake is teaming with Lake Trout from small good eating sizes right up to trophy size Lake Trout over 20 pounds. Northern Pike patrol the shorelines and are found in good numbers including trophy 20-pounders. The rocky points and shoals are swarming with hard-fighting Smallmouth Bass, which are common in the 2 to 5 pounds range. There is also the opportunity to catch much larger bass in this lake. Our professional aboriginal guides know where all the hotspots are for every species of game fish.

Although Walleye fishing is not common on the Manitou the Walleye population has grown. We have several Fly-out Trophy Walleye Lakes where you can take day trips and catch a week’s worth of Walleye in one day.