Muskie Fishing on Lower Manitou Lake:

IMGP0042Lower Manitou Lake has awesome Muskie fishing. Being a large lake with such diverse structure, Muskie can be found everywhere in good numbers and sizes. Like any really good Muskie Lake found in Northwestern Ontario, Muskie are caught in many different sizes from small to gigantic monsters. When you see Muskie of all sizes being caught, you know that they are breeding naturally, which tells you that the conditions are perfect for Muskie to flourish.

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The most common sizes of Muskie being caught are in the 25 to 40-inch range. Guests who specifically come to Lower Manitou for Muskie and spend much of their time Muskie fishing will catch Muskie in the 41 to 46-inch range but they are not as common as the smaller fish. On occasion, Muskie over 50 inches are caught and often sighted. Over the last few years, there have been fish in the 50 to 55-inch range either caught or brought up to the boat. Lower Manitou Lake gets such little fishing pressure that it’s impossible to tell how many large trophies are in the lake.

Muskie bite well in cold windy weather or hot sunny weather. As long as the weather stays consistent, the Muskie are feeding. When the pressure is rising, they can start feeding like crazy for a short time; when the pressure is dropping, they stop feeding until they get used to the low pressure. Since Lower Manitou Lake is west of the Great Lakes, we don’t get the weird weather patterns as often as lakes to the east thus our Muskie fishing is more consistent than usual.

IMAG0062Here on Lower Manitou Lake, the Muskie fishing is outstanding from late June right through to November. The season starts the third Saturday in June.

Ontario Government Biologists have designated Lower Manitou Lake as a top Trophy Muskie Lake. Biologists feel that there are Muskie of unbelievable sizes down deep feeding on Lake Trout. They also feel that Lower Manitou is one of ten lakes in Northwestern Ontario that could produce a new world record.

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