New Fishers

nathan- large M bassIf you are new to fishing, or if this is your first destination fishing trip, you have picked the right lodge.

For first time fishermen, we have all the equipment you need, so you can try it out first. Our experienced guides enjoy sharing their favorite passion with you. They will help you with the gear and hook you up with that first catch. Get ready for the adrenaline with that first bite, whether you land the first one or not, you will be able to recall the event with amazing detail forever. We will take you through all the steps, gear, lures, nets, photos, and safe release. You can even learn how to filet your fish if you want.

If it is your first destination trip, you will be pleased with all the support you receive BEFORE you arrive. From travel details to fishing tips, we will make sure you have everything you need and all your questions are answered.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by experienced, friendly staff and enjoy all the benefits of a well cared for lodge. We make sure you have what you need for a carefree trip.

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