Best Lures

Best Lures for Muskie, Bass, Pike and Lake Trout:

Muskie Lures

  • Phantom ( blue or black prism, cisco, perch)
  • Mepps #5, catches a lot of fish (silver)
  • Suick (perch, yellow/black)
  • Eagle Tail (black/silver, orange/black, chartreuse)
  • Big Panther Martin (silver, gold)
  • Bull Dawg (perch, cisco, bass, sucker)
  • Big Tube (white, blue/silver, cisco, sucker)
  • Cow Girls (chartreuse, silver/blue, silver/black, orange/black)
  • Grandmas ( blue/silver, bass, sucker, cisco, bumblebee)
  • Jakes (bumblebee, yellow/black, Perch, Bass, cisco, sucker)
  • King Kong

Bass Lures

  • X Raps (white, black/silver, perch)
  • Twister Tails (cotton candy, white, orange/black, silver/black)
  • Spinner Bait
  • Cracklin Rap (white, perch, black/silver, Chug bug)
  • Walk-the-dog type top water baits
  • Tube Jigs
  • Mapps #3 -#5 (silver or gold blade)
  • Jig and Leech- always work great

Northern Pike Lures

  • 5 of diamonds spoon
  • X Rap
  • Mepps #5 (silver)
  • Panther Martin
  • Husky Jerk
  • Phantom
  • Cracklin Raps
  • Twister Tails

Lake Trout Lures for Casting or trolling shallow in the spring:

  • Little Cleos
  • Mepps Cyclops
  • Mepp’s Long-Cast Spinners
  • Dardevle Spoons (Yes, the proper spelling is Dardevle®, not DareDevil)
  • Johnson Silver Minnow
  • Krocodiles
  • Original Floating Rapalas
  • Junior Thundersticks

Weightless Spoons and Spinners for 3-Way Swivel Rigs, Baitwalkers and Downriggers:

  • Sutton Silver Spoon
  • Moose Spoon
  • William’s Wabbler
  • Noc Flutter Laker Taker
  • Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner
  • Small Floating Rapalas
  • Nasty Boyz
  • Lucky Strike Canoe Wobblers
  • Panther Martins
  • Small Mepps Bucktails

Free Trolling down Deep

  • Rapala Down-Deep Husky Jerks
  • Flatfish